Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I participate in HCA Tournament?
    • We have a Tournament Calender on website. You can keep an eye on it. Every chess tournament has categories e.g. U-10 which means Only age of under 10 can participate and Open has no age limit.
  • How can I register to play?
    • Click Online >> Registration and register yourself in any given tournament.
  • What is HPR Number and how can i get it?
    • HPR is short for (HCA Player Registration) and its unique 6 digit number starting with 8 e.g. 888888. It is compulsory to have HPR number to¬†participate in any HCA event. You can register yourself by sending duly filled form (Form available in download section) with Rs. 200 registration fee or you can also submit in person at any HCA event. You will be given an ID card.
  • How long HPR is valid for?
    • HPR number validity is one year and can be renew with¬†renewal fee of Rs. 150

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    1. Hello Vijay,

      You can keep an eye on our Chess Calender to see when and where a tournament is going to organise.
      You can speak with organiser on how you can participate in that particular tournament.

      Team HCA

  1. What is the cut-off date of date of birth to decide the category a kid would play under – is it last day of the year? Basically, I want to the formula to know under which category my kid would play – U-9, U-11 or U-13

  2. My son (11 years old) is studying in Coimbatore and he is in gurgaon for next two months. Can he participate in chess tournament published in calender on this site? If yes what all he needs to do.


  3. My son is studying in School of Haryana Board in Class – ist . Can he take part in any Chess Tournament on behalf of School i.e. District Level

    If yes, please suggest when and where will be tournament held .

  4. Greetings of the day!

    I am 37 years old. Can I be a player of HCA? If yes please share the contact person’s contact details in Ambala.

    Thank You

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